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Centralize Communications & Manage Contacts from Lead to Resident

Streamline communications with leads, residents and maintenance vendors when you use Propify's omni-channel real estate CRM with the ability to communicate via SMS, email and phone from one software.

Graphic showing a contact card and the communication history for a contact

Provide Superior Customer Service to Residents

Communication History

Track all inbound and outbound messages for each contact by viewing the entire communication history since the contact first entered the CRM.

Skill-Based IVR

Assign skills to team members and calls will be directed to the appropriate person based on knowledge before other agents receive a call.

Balance Workloads

Prevent two agents from contacting the same person with timed assignments that hide a lead when claimed and release after a set time.


Improve Communications with a Detailed Contact Card

Propify's omni-channel CRM was designed to make responding to contacts easy using email, SMS or calls, while having access to all past messages with a complete contact history.


Any communication channel is available when the contact has the appropriate contact method saved to their contact card
Listen to past conversations with recordings of all inbound and outbound phone calls to your organization
View the event history for a contact to easily discuss relevant events with contacts
Graphic showing a contact card and communication history
Graphic showing a new email being received and a ticket created to follow up


Respond to All Messages with Automated Ticketed

Track all inbound messages and ensure questions are addressed by the appropriate member of your team with Propify's advanced ticketing system. When a ticket is created, it has to be claimed, reviewed, and addressed by an agent before the ticket can be closed.


Easily track new messages by training agents to monitor ticket queues
Auto-assign tickets to different departments
Tickets can be claimed by one agent at a time to balance workloads

Easily Manage Contacts through the Renter Lifecycle

Duplicate Detection

Keep your CRM data clean with duplicate detection based on contacts with the same phone or email, and merge into one contact card

Audit History

Monitor who's working on a contact with an audit of all users who view the contact in Poprify

Ticket Creation Rules

Create tickets automatically using trigger events that require agents to proactively follow up with a contact

Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

Graphic depicting several Propify features including lease management, move-in countdown and smarthome
Date, Confirmed payment
Date, Confirmed payment
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