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Control home access & temperature to ensure property preservation

Our proprietary Smart Hub and smart home software gives single family rental owners greater control and security of scattered site portfolios by managing access to each home and monitoring temperatures.

Graphic showing a mobile phone and tablet to control smart home technology and an admin screen to monitor systems

Improve Security for SFR Homes & Provide Greater Resident Benefits with Smart Home Technology

Propify Smart Hub

Our proprietary Smart Hub is a powerful tool that can help you improve the efficiency and security of your SFR homes. The Smart Hub integrates with smart locks, thermostats and will soon help detect home leaks for greater home protection.

Manage Remotely

All smart home systems are managed directly from the Propify manager portal. Monitor the Smart Hub system status, control smart lock codes for home security and maintain appropriate temperatures for vacant and occupied homes.

Resident Benefits

Share the benefits of smart home technology with residents who will enjoy managing their home from their phone. Both the smart lock and thermostat can be managed from the resident portal for convenience and easy living.


Manage Home Access from Anywhere

The Propify Smart Hub integrates with the installed smart lock and permits wireless entry for touring prospects while allowing property managers to administer access codes to vendors for additional security.


Complete audit log with timestamp to track and control who enters vacant homes
Approved prospects can tour homes at their convenience and enter wirelessly using their phone
Assign access codes to vendors to track arrival and permit home entrance to complete maintenance work
Graphic showing the tracking of smart home hardware systems
Graphic showing a device to control the temperature and access to your home


Manage Temperatures for Residents & Homes

Monitor the interior temperature of every home in your SFR portfolio - vacant or occupied - to ensure property preservation and the safety of residents. Property managers of single family rentals can set minimum and maximum temperatures for all homes with automatic flags to identify homes outside the approved range for greater home protection.


Determine the minimum and maximum temperatures for each home in the portfolio
Track all homes outside the approved temperature range and determine if action is needed
Set specific temperatures for homes that automatically adjust when vacant or touring


Monitor Water Intrusion to Prevent Damages

If water enters a home in your single family rental homes it's important to know and resolve quickly to prevent extensive damage. The Propify Smart Hub will soon integrate with a wireless water leak sensor to help owners quickly identify leaks and take the necessary action to protect the home.


Protect vacant and occupied homes by tracking water leaks
Get alerts when water is detected and automatically create work orders to begin the resolution process
Multiple water sensors can be installed in each home wherever water might be detected
Graphic depicting the management of smart home technology from a phone

Improve SFR Operations & Efficiencies with Smart Home Systems

Limit Access Codes

Prevent unauthorized entry into vacant homes by minimizing the use of lock codes.

Track Installation Workflow

Be sure all new acquisitions are scheduled for smart home installation with a prebuilt workflow that tracks SFR homes being onboarded in Propify.

Identify System Issues

All systems are automatically flagged for review when an issue is triggered and a resolution can be identified.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy my own smart home hardware?

Yes, you can buy your own hardware to install in homes. Please contact our team to confirm your hardware will integrate with the Propify Smart Hub prior to purchasing.

Can Propify integrate with my existing smart home system?

Maybe. The Propify Smart Hub can bepaired with select hardware even if it's already paired with another device. Please contact our team to confirm your existing hardware will integrate with Propify.

Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

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Date, Confirmed payment
Date, Confirmed payment
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