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The Only Property Management Software Built Exclusively for Single Family Rental Homes

Propify helps SFR owners, operators and third-party property managers streamline operations while providing  residents a better rental experience. We understand the unique challenges you face whether you own 50 homes or 50,000 scattered sites across the country, and we've designed our software to help you overcome them.

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Manage the lifecycle of a single family rental with Propify

Our software is the perfect solution for SFR owners, investors and property managers who want to use one platform to streamline and manage their single family rental operations.

Graphic depicting different stages of owning and renting a single family rental home from onboarding to turning

Track all new units joining the portfolio and be ready for a successful closing with decreased down time

Standardize the quality of homes to better manage maintenance costs, timelines and vendors

Reach prospective renters & qualify leads for self-guided tours to reduce eviction risk & improve rent roll

Deliver superior customer service and increase renewal conversion from move-in to move-out

Reduce vacancy loss and turn times with streamlined processes to turn a property efficiently

Control Your SFR Real Estate with Our Online Property Management Software

Propify’s comprehensive suite of property management tools give teams the edge they need to manage, monitor and grow a single family rental portfolio.

Proprietary smart home hardware and software protects your SFR real estate with keyless entry and interior temperature monitoring while providing greater resident benefits.

Make data-driven decisions, set benchmarks and identify opportunities to improve your single family rentals  with our full analytics suite and customizable dashboards.

Call, email and text easily with prospects, residents and vendors using our omni-channel communication system that tracks the entire conversation history.

Improve operational efficiency and employee accountability by customizing process tasks and monitoring cross-department work for complex, multi-step processes.

Drive rental growth with effective revenue management and increase renewals through superior customer service using defined processes from move-in to move-out

Convert tours into applications with an integrated process that conducts a comprehensive background screening, delivers electronic leases to approved applicants & accepts online payments.

Prioritize prospective renters who convert online, over the phone, or by scheduling a self-showing, and drive lease conversions through fast, effective communications​.

Resolve maintenance requests quickly, schedule recurring work orders for property preservation, and manage vendor relationships with our end-to-end maintenance workflow.

Keep home renovations and unit turns on time and on budget with centralized process pages that track all work orders containing customizable project lists to determine work order scope


Propify partners with leading proptech providers to give customers a more seamless experience and make our platform more powerful.

With integrated software, you can easily share data between different systems, which can save you time and effort. For example, you can integrate your property management software with your accounting software to automatically import and export data. This can save you hours of data entry each month.

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"Propify has fundamentally transformed the effectiveness of our field operations teams. Employing it has enabled me to move away from relying on 10+ tabs across multiple programs to manage lineups and assignments for my team, now I only need to use one tab."

Ren Richards, Director of Field Operations, National Home Rentals

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Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

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