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Run An Efficient Maintenance Program from a Single Software

Our property management software has designed a comprehensive maintenance solution for single family rental homes with guided work order workflows, integrated bidding tool, appointment scheduling and more! 

Graphic depicting Propify's maintenance program that manages work order, vendor bids and tracks the completion of maintenance requests

Build a Cost-Effective & Efficient Maintenance Program with Propify

Define Project Scope

Outline the specific projects to be completed by a maintenance vendor by creating a work order scope list. Agents can easily track the performance of a vendor by confirming the successful completion of each scope item. Plus, control your maintenance expenses by defining the cost of each scope project.

Improve Timing

Ensure your work order completion timing exceeds your benchmarks with due dates to track when a maintenance vendor needs to be assigned to a work order, and when the vendor needs to accept, schedule a visit and resolve the scope list. Managers can hold maintenance teams & partners accountable by monitoring due dates.

Organize Media & Files

Easily organize before and after imagery from maintenance requests submitted by residents and after vendors complete their work in one central location within the work order. When you have SFR homes across multiple markets, you need photo documentation to confirm the issue was resolved to close the work order.


End-to-End Work Order Management

Track each work order from creation to vendor assignment, and appointment scheduling to completion using a structured workflow that automatically tracks and updates the work order status as progress is made.


Control maintenance costs by defining the NTE costs and collecting bids from vendors
Residents submit maintenance requests from the online portal with appointment availability
Chat directly with the assigned vendor or the resident for each work order
Graphics showing a work order bid that can be requested and approved in Propify
Graphic showing a list of work orders and scope list


Automate Recurring Maintenance to Maintain Homes

Keep the lawn trimmed and pool cleaned with work orders automatically created on your schedule to streamline and expedite regularly needed maintenance.


Configure recurring work orders with creation conditions based on a schedule
Work order configurations are checked daily and created when all conditions match
Easily monitor recurring work orders behind schedule to keep the cycle moving


Manage Vendor Relationships to Resolve Issues Quickly

Vendors can be onboarded and work out of their own mobile-friendly maintenance portal so you can easily find and assign vendors to appropriate work orders.


Build your relationships and establish a hierarchy of preferred vendors
Vendors have a dedicated portal where all assigned work orders can be viewed and managed
Assign vendors by geolocation of the home based on who provides the service needed
Graphic showing a dedicated chat with vendor

Consolidate Your Maintenance Tools into One SFR Solution

Private Work Order Chat System

Each work order has a private group chat with the assigned vendor and resident when homes are occupied.

Work Order Notifications

Keep relevant work order participants updated with automatic email notifications delivered throughout the work order lifecycle.

Agent Assignments

Build and scale a maintenance team by assigning work orders to individual users and groups, and measure employee performance

Maintenance Jobs

Group work orders that are related to a single job to track all necessary projects in one place together

Activity Log

Track all edits and updates to the work order to monitor activity by employees and vendors

Invoice Tracking (Coming Soon!)

Upload invoices to work orders to track costs and payments

Resident Billbacks (Coming Soon!)

Determine if any part of the work order should be charged back to a resident based on your organization's maintenance guidelines

Easily Copy Work Orders

Copy all of the details of one work order into a new work order easily because some issues will show up multiple times.

Frequently asked questions

Can residents submit maintenance requests?

Yes, residents have an online portal where maintenance requests can be submitted and automatically show up for the maintenance team to review.

How do maintenance vendors schedule work order appointments?

When a resident submits a maintenance request, they provide dates and times where they are available for a maintenance appointment. Once a vendor accepts a work order, they can choose from the resident's availability to set the appointment.

Can I customize the work order scope list?

Yes, the work order scope list is fully customizable based on what needs to be done in the work order.

Can I request work order bids from multiple vendors?

Yes, you can send bid requests to multiple vendors, request bid revisions and approve the bid that meets your budget which automatically assigns that vendor to the work order.

Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

Graphic depicting several Propify features including lease management, move-in countdown and smarthome
Date, Confirmed payment
Date, Confirmed payment
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