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Deliver High Quality Homes Efficiently & On Budget

With our property management software, you can easily view all homes eligible for renovations or turns, track the status of each home through a structured workflow, import third-party home inspection reports and manage all details for these complex (and costly) jobs in one place.

Graphic showings how Propify helps track renovation projects and turn scopes

Establish Benchmarks and Processes When Managing SFR Renovations & Turns

Measure Days to Complete

Track how many days your organization is using to renovate a home and find opportunities to improve your timelines with Propify because each day prevents renters from touring and generating rental income.

Track All Work Orders

From home inspections to general contractor projects, and deep cleanings to lawn care, it's easy to create, organize and manage the multiple work orders needed to prepare a home for a new resident.

Build Inspection Scopes

After receiving the home inspection report, determine the necessary projects to build the renovation or turn scope and add the custom list to your work orders to start identifying maintenance vendors.


Scale Your Renovation and Turn Programs with Ease

Build and manage effective turn and renovation programs using Propify’s dedicated processes that automatically trigger the creation of new processes so you never miss a project and centralize the key data relevant to successfully updating a home.


Monitor time to complete renovations and turns to set benchmarks and identify bottlenecks in the process
Track work orders related to renovations and turns separately from general maintenance
Create custom task lists with automatic due dates to complete each process consistently
Graphic showing a turn board to track homes in different stages of a turn
Graphic showing the scope of a turn for a single family rental home


Customize Inspections to Meet Each Home's Needs

Conduct the necessary home inspections prior to acquiring new homes to create a scope of work, build a job timeline and confirm the costs are worth the investment. Propify makes it easy to plan and schedule inspections whether you use a preferred contractor or want an unbiased third-party inspecting each home.


Inspections are preconfigured into renovations and turn processes so they're never missed
Determine your renovation or turn budget and add custom scope lists to outline the project work
Automatically import work order scope lists using Propifys integration partner, Inspectify, to conduct home inspections

Centralize Home Renovations & Unit Turns with Structured, Efficient Processes

Set & Measure Benchmarks

Establish benchmarks for each step in the process and compare KPI goals with actuals

Related Tasks

Monitor the progress of parallel teams while actively managing a renovation or turn

Vendor Bidding

Easily track and monitor work orders with active bids to review and approve to make your timelines

Agent Assignments

Segment teams by expertise and balance workloads by assigning employees to entire processes or individual tasks

Activity Log

Monitor all changes and updates to processes with a complete audit log user edits

Track Fixed Assets

Manage all fixed assets installed at a home and easily update to maintain an updated list of what's in each home

Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

Graphic depicting several Propify features including lease management, move-in countdown and smarthome
Date, Confirmed payment
Date, Confirmed payment
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