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Streamline SFR Processes with Customizable Project & Task Management

From property onboarding to home renovations and move-in to move-out, Propify's project management software organizes relevant home details into dedicated processes with customizable task lists to ensure steps are not missed.

Graphic depicting Propify's processes and automations using tasks to complete projects

Manage Complex Processes for Your SFR Real Estate with Ease

Automated Kickoff

Start the move-in process once the lease is signed and prepare for move-out once the notice to vacate is received. Each Propify process will be automatically created based on trigger events related to the rental home.

Dedicated Process Page

Each process has a dedicated page that organizes and centralizes key data related to the rental home. This helps employees determine what progress has been made, what needs to be done next and keep the process on track with timelines.

Process Prioritization

Processes are organized based on actions that need to be taken in order to advance the process toward completion. Managers can quickly see which processes are falling behind and employees can prioritize their assigned processes and tasks.


Establish Best Practices for Recurring Processes

Property managers can determine timelines for move-ins, move-outs and other common processes and assign different team members to balance workloads while monitoring progress to identify opportunities for improvement.


Streamline employee training and ensure all processes are completed consistently
Use key dates related to the process to set deadlines for benchmarking KPIs
Monitor actions taken by employees and identify processes falling behind schedule
Graphic showing a move-in process that was automatically created with tasks to be completed
Graphics showing task lists where employees can track what's overdue and what tasks are due soon


Complete Work Correctly & Consistently

Define the necessary tasks a process needs in order to be completed sufficiently. Each task can be customized for the corresponding process with event-based due dates, group assignments, and cross-process visibility.


Create custom task lists for each process and outline how the process should be completed
Associate tasks with the status of a process to help prioritize work
Set creation conditions to determine if a task should be added to a process upon creation

Meet Organizational Benchmarks with Effective Project & Task Management

Employee Accountability

Assign tasks to individual agents to establish responsibility & track updates with audit histories

Task Centralization

Manage tasks across all active processes with a dedicated view prioritizing tasks by due date.

Automated Due Dates

Configure when the task is due based on the process creation date or other related events.

Assign Users or Groups

Automatically assign tasks to individual users upon creation or a group of users to balance workloads.

Preset Tasks

Add preconfigured tasks to processes that are automatically updated based on platform actions.

Task Prioritization

Arrange tasks in the order of preferred completion for a standard task list in each process.

Set Task Requirements

Determine if a task is required to be completed in order to fully finish the associated process.

Task Documentation

Require additional commentary from the assigned user in order to complete a task.

Create Single Tasks

Add single tasks to track work that is unique to a specific process.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own tasks to Propify?

Yes, you can create your own custom tasks lists for all processes within Propify to outline the work you want completed, and edit the tasks at any time.

How do I see the progress of other processes related to my tasks?

Tasks can be configured to display in related processes to help different teams track what has been completed. This provides useful visibility for teams.

Can I view all tasks assigned to me in Propify?

Yes, you can easily see an overview of all tasks assigned to individual users or user groups based on due date to help prioritize tasks across processes.

How can I notify team members when a task is completed?

Tasks can be configured with multiple, custom notifications to users or user groups that are triggered when the status of a task is updated.

Ready to centralize & streamline your SFR operations?

We offer a comprehensive, centralized software that can help you manage all aspects of your single family rental business. Contact us today to schedule your demo of Propify or submit questions if you want to learn more about our property management software.

Graphic depicting several Propify features including lease management, move-in countdown and smarthome
Date, Confirmed payment
Date, Confirmed payment
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